I can't even count the number of nights I wished tomorrow wouldn't come. Without love or dreams, beaten by the rain All thats left is the tears To live now without changing what is it that I need? If you can't even believe in yourself, what are you supposed to believe in? The answer's too close; But I still Can't reach it These lonely tears flow inside of me There's nothing else; just sadness I can't even put it in words, My whole body feels numbs I can't face it on my own. In the middle of night, With tears running down my face, I listen to my music, Hoping my sadness will fade with the night But I just cant make it go away. Should I live how I am now; Or will that just keep haunting me, I don't need anything from you, Everything I have from you is breaking, I dont need this breakage anymore. This night brings more tears and terror, Nights are long and lonely, I was only left with the memory, The memory of you, and of us. It is too hard to carry on this way If I wished I was gone Would that be selfish Only the lonely tears will tell. (Inspiration by Kuroi Namida (Black Tears) by Anna Tsuchiya)